BUS:STOP Krumbach

Architects from seven different countries are designing seven different bus stops in Krumbach: small buildings for the good of the public. However, this is only one aspect of a courageous project. The other is an unusual dialogue with Vorarlberg tradition, building culture and craftsmanship.

Krumbach is well-known for its scenic beauty and a lively pub culture. In recent years, the village has made a name of itself with its multi-award-winning architecture. Most recently with the bus:stop krumbach projekt: in cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien and the Vorarlberg Architektur Institut, seven architectural firms from Russia, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Japan, China and Chile were invited to design seven bus stops. In close cooperation with local craftsmen and regional partner architects, seven bus stops are being built in 2014 - as a tribute to the use of traditional materials, skilled manufacturing techniques and the landscape. And to that which continues to characterise the region: the interplay of man and nature, of tradition and the modern age, of craftsmanship and building culture.

  • Bränden bus stop
    Sou Fujimoto, Japan
  • Unterkrumbach Süd bus stop
    Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Belgium
  • Unterkrumbach Nord bus stop
    Ensamble Studio, Spain
  • Zwing bus stop
    Smiljan Radic, Chile
  • Oberkrumbach bus stop
    Alexander Brodsky, Russia
  • Krressbad bus stop
    RintalaEggertsson Architects, Norway
  • Glatzegg bus stop
    Wang Shu, Ly Wenyu, China


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