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Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe - Bathing in the Moor

Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe - Bathing in the Moor

Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe - Bathing in the Moor

A special feature of Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe is the natural moor peat, which is freshly harvested every day right next to the family-run hotel.

By harnessing the potential of fresh moor peat, plenty of warmth can be transported into the core of the body, thereby promoting blood circulation and leading to intensive relaxation and healing effects.

Moor peat is a recognised natural remedy, especially for the musculoskeletal system, back, joints and skin. At the Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe, the moor is used for baths, packs and Black Skin applications.

Moor baths

Moor baths

The special properties of the moor warm the body’s insides during moor baths. This leads to strong stimulation of the body’s circulatory system, ramping up circulation to full speed. This stimulation of the blood circulation also stimulates the metabolism of the skin, which can lead to a more attractive skin appearance, as the skin absorbs a lot of moisture during the moor bath.

Moor baths are a great way to stimulate a kind of weightless sensation in the body. Since the moor completely surrounds the body, warmth can penetrate into really any pore and thus into any region of the body. This leads to holistic muscle relaxation throughout the body.

Moor packs

Moor packs

The moor is applied locally to the tense or aching part of the body and unfolds its effect there. The earthy smell and the pleasant warmth provide deep relaxation and a feeling of being close to the earth, a sensation often foreign to stressed individuals.

Black Skin Application

Black Skin Application

Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe has specially developed the Black Skin application for skin care. Fresh moor is applied to the skin and the steam absorbs its active ingredients particularly well. A peeling effect ensures a feeling of well-being and silky soft skin.

Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe

Gesundhotel Bad Reuthe, Bad 70 6870 Reuthe, Österreich

+43 (0) 5514 2265-0


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