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Doren - StandWOrtWeg reading trail- StandWOrtWeg in Doren

Doren - StandWOrtWeg reading trail- StandWOrtWeg in Doren

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Doren - StandWOrtWeg reading trail

The StandWOrtWeg plays with perspectives, shows visitors how to observe more closely and asks to try their hand at tricky puzzles.

A pleasant round trip that starts behind the municipal office and that takes visitors down shady forest paths over a hill that presents magnificent views. Games, puzzles and philosophical questions await explorers of all ages along the way. The right perspective has to be found to solve the questions in the associated puzzle folder – a rather effective means for some of life’s other challenges too. For children from six years of age.

Walking time: 1.5 hours
Altitude difference: 200 metres

Doren Tourismus

Gemeindeamt Doren, Kirchdorf 168 6933 Doren, Österreich

+43 (0) 5516 2018


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