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Architecture & Handicraft Bregenzerwald

Architecture & Handicraft Bregenzerwald

Architecture & Handicraft

If a ranking of the most significant architectural regions in the world were to be drawn up today, Vorarlberg would, without a doubt, be in the top ten.

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Werkraum Haus Ansicht mit Bahnhof © Florian Holzherr / Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

The culture of building and living is everywhere you look in the Bregenzerwald. The locals have been appreciating the artisan production methods employed in small and medium-sized enterprises since way…

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Lower Bregenzerwald energy region

Eight municipalities (Doren, Hittisau, Krumbach, Langenegg, Lingenau, Riefensberg, Sibratsgfäll, Sulzberg) have joined together to shape regional energy and climate policies together.

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Energiepfad Langenegg © Stefan Steurer / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Tischlerei Mohr in Andelsbuch © Johannes Fink - Bregenzerwald Tourismus (2)


If there were a ranking of today’s most significant architectural regions, Vorarlberg would certainly garner a place amongst the top ten. This is in regard not to the significance of…

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Umgang Bregenzerwald

The way people in the Bregenzerwald deal with their environment is the subject of specially marked paths through the villages of the region. Take these paths and, by observing selected…

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Umgang Bregenzerwald

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