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Energiepfad Langenegg © Stefan Steurer / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Lower Bregenzerwald energy region

Lower Bregenzerwald energy region

Nine municipalities (Doren, Hittisau, Krumbach, Langen, Langenegg, Lingenau, Riefensberg, Sibratsgfäll, Sulzberg) have joined together to shape regional energy and climate policies together.

Energy autonomy is an essential goal of this model region and making energy consciousness visible and palpable is an important step in this direction. Many buildings in this model energy region, from biomass heating plants to buildings and water-themed hikes, make this consciousness perceptible.

Buildings, renewable energy, landscape

The buildings are divided into three categories: ‘buildings and energy,’ ‘renewable energy,’ & ‘landscape and energy.’ ‘Buildings and energy’ highlights e.g. the new ‘Hofhus’ in Lingenau, the new residential complex in Krumbach and the primary school in Doren. The biomass heating plant or the hydroelectric power station, e.g. the hydroelectric power plant in Langenegg are representative of the ‘renewable energy’ category. Finally, the buildings categorised under ‘landscape and energy’ are ideal for a family excursion.


Water-themed hike Hittisau
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Water-themed hike Hittisau

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