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klassik krumbach

Klassik Krumbach

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Klassik Krumbach

Klassik Krumbach is a classical music festival. The name already gives it away. What it does not give away is the idea that the “founding siblings” Natalia Sagmeister and Alex Ladstätter had – and that is precisely what makes the festival really special – no etiquette, no barriers. In brief, a festival for anybody and not just fans of classical music.

Music is the focus. Young top musicians from home and abroad will be performing on stage – including festival founders Sagmeister and Ladstätter, going about it with total passion and enthusiasm. Always close to the audience.

The young festival will be launching its third edition – with many surprises – in supper 2019. And those wishing to attend should never rule out the possibility that the artists might deviate from the classical framework and start improvising. They are creative in places where the settings and landscapes inspire them. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear wonderful music: on the village square, in church, around the house and farm, in the fields and meadows.


15 – 18 August 2019


Tourist office Krumbach

Gemeindeamt Krumbach, Dorf 2 6942 Krumbach, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 8157