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Wiedaschrofa Via Ferratas, Schnepfau

Wiedaschrofa Via Ferratas, Schnepfau

Wiedaschrofa Via Ferratas, Schnepfau

Both short, attractive Wiedaschrofa routes are located between Mellau and Au: The Abendrot and Wälder via ferratas.

A few years ago, members of the Mellau mountain rescue constructed this via ferrata on the rocky crags of the so-called ‘Widerschrofen’ near Schnepfau. The wall is located at the eastern village limits and features ropes and clips. There is also a connection between the two tours.

Ascent & descent

The starting point is the car park on the forestry trail to the dam on the northeastern city limits. From here, head on foot through a mostly dry stream bed for about 10 minutes to the starting point.

To return from the exit, walk through the fence and take the hiking trail (to the left) to the forestry trail back to parking area.

Wälder via ferrata

The via ferrata at left is called the ‘Wälder via ferrata.’ The strenuous ascent at the beginning is mostly in the shades. Footholds are a welcome aid and after the first crossing the view upwards becomes more open. The wall is steep and remains so throughout. In the upper third, there is a connection to the challenging Abendrot route, which many use in reverse.

Difficulty: D
Difference in altitude: 100 m
Length: 0.85 km
Hiking time: 45 min

Abendrot via ferrata

When standing below it is hard to believe that people actually climb this incredibly sheer vertical wall. And yet one can climb the wall with long steps via a block upstream. Sparingly placed footholds help to ascend the wall safely. Those who want to climb to the top will need a healthy amount of upper body strength. It’s perfect for more experienced climbers and is not recommended to the less experienced.

Difficulty: D/E
Difference in altitude: 100 m
Length: 0.92 km
Hiking time: 45 min


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