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Aufstieg auf die Kanisfluh © Monika Albrecht / Au-Schoppernau Tourismus

Kanisfluh (2,044 m) ski tour for advanced skiers

Kanisfluh (2,044 m) ski tour for advanced skiers

Dominating the entire Bregenzerwald, the mighty Kanisfluh – with its steep north side towering over 1,200 m – takes you by surprise with a really lovely ski tour on its south side.


Au/Argenbachbrücke bridge (822 m)


Difference in altitude

1,250 m



Brief description

The mighty Kanisfluh massif, towering over the Bregenzerwald region with its over 1,200 m high, precipitous north face, offers a surprisingly beautiful ski tour with some steep sections on its south side.

Route description

At the Argenbachbrücke bridge, turn right uphill after roughly 100 m along the road. Climb the open crest to the left of the Leue Bach stream across the Au Ried uphill to the uppermost clearings. Stay to the right there and continue on this trail, which branches into the agricultural path. Follow this easy route to the Alpengasthof Edelweiß inn. Follow the Sommerweg trail to the right of the inn, then cross the little stream to the right. Continue north over a steep crest toward the saddle between Hoher Stoß and Holenke. Take the broad ridge up to the summit. The summit slope is often covered in wind-blown snow drifts. Crampons can be useful in icy conditions.


Same as ascent. If the firn conditions are good, the ski run down the steep summit slope is a unique experience.

Elite performance with a safety net

Elite performance with a safety net

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