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Hochkünzelspitze (2,397 m) ski tour for advanced skiers

Hochkünzelspitze (2,397 m) ski tour for advanced skiers

The Hochkünzelspitze offers experienced ski tourers magnificent ski runs in an Alpine setting.


Landsteg bus stop on L200, approx. 2 km after Landgasthaus Bad Hopfreben, between the 2nd and 3rd avalanche galleries, car park (1,100 m)


Difference in altitude

1,300 m



Brief description

The Hochkünzelspitze offers experienced ski tourers magnificent ski runs in an alpine setting. A long ski tour to one of the most beautiful and tallest peaks in Bregenzerwald.

Route description

The tour starts right on the main road. Follow the road for approx. 70 m until you reach a forest path on the right. A short descent on skins down roughly 10 metres of elevation takes you to the trail. Follow it to the right into Schandelstobel. The tour continues to the right of the stream, until the trail starts to rise a little more steeply. As soon as you have passed through Schandelstobel, the view onto Hochkünzelspitze opens up on the right. The trail turns off to the right before the Biberacherhütte hut. Here, it is important to stay as far right underneath the Giglturm as possible. Pass it on your left until you can see the summit slope. Climb it with many kick turns. The gradient in the upper section is roughly 35°. The peak itself can only be reached on foot, so leave your skiing equipment in a depot at the rock face. Follow the ridge to the secondary summit of Hochkünzelspitze, and continue by climbing down approx. 10 m (medium difficulty). There is then a small gap secured with a rope. Follow the rope to climb the last metres to the peak. If the rope is buried in the snow, the ascent to the summit is very difficult and risky.


Same as ascent.

It’ll snow on Wednesday

It’ll snow on Wednesday

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