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Tobogganing in Warth

Tobogganing in Warth

“Von der Höhi” toboggan run in Warth

The toboggan run is at the eastern end of Warth, just after the fire station, and is easily accessible by foot.

Length: 700 metres

It is groomed every day and illuminated until 10:00 p.m.. There are tobogganing evenings twice a week: a tractor pulls the tobogganists uphill on a long chain. After the downhill run, there is mulled wine and alcohol-free punch. The flat rate price for the tobogganing evening includes two uphill tractor tows and one drink. Children must wear helmets at this event.

Sledge rental

in the local sports shops. Sledges are provided for the tobogganing evening (they have a connection for towing)

No two skis are alike

No two skis are alike

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