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Bödele - High moor and forest hike

Bödele - High moor and forest hike

Bödele - High moor and forest hike

It’s been known for centuries that spending time in nature is particularly beneficial to people’s well-being.

Forests strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and concentration and are simply good for the soul. Participants will be able to dive into the charming world of high moors and the mysterious cosmos of the forest on this guided tour. This much can be revealed, walking barefoot here is a real experience.

Meeting place

4 p.m., Kräuterstube at Hotel Berghof Fetz on the Bödele

Number of participants

5 – 12 people, adults and children from 8 year onwards


around 2 hours


€ 25 per person, children up to 13 years of age € 15


Fridays (June to middle of September)

Information & Registration

by Thursday 6 p.m.
Verbal educator / hiking guide
Katharina Moosbrugger
M +43 (0)664 4454071,

“Mum, I'm headed skiing!

“Mum, I'm headed skiing!"

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