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Bezau Cable Car Panorama Restaurant

Bezau Cable Car Panorama Restaurant

Bezau Cable Car Panorama Restaurant

With its clear and self-confident design, the form, orientation and internal structure of this stylish mountain restaurant are derived from the existing topography.

The bulk of the building hugs the ridge of the slope – the shoulder of the mountain. Meanwhile, the recessed exterior staircase traces the original edge of the terrain to the rooftop terrace and simple spatial structures allow for functional connections and differentiations. Panoramic views in different directions highlight the openness of the spatial design, which creates a flowing transition between the interior and exterior. The immediate proximity to nature, the view over the external staircase to the summit of the Baumgartenhöhe mountain and the lively interplay of visitors strolling in and out of the building are both appealing and stimulating.

Architects: Innauer Matt in collaboration with Bernd Frick


Obere 394
6870 Bezau

First prize for architecture

First prize for architecture

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