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Nagelfluhkette nature park

Nagelfluhkette nature park

Nagelfluhkette nature park

A magnificent cultural landscape, awarded the much-coveted designation “nature park”, developed on the interface between Bregenzerwald and Allgäu over the course of several centuries.

Today, 15 communities (eight of which are in the Bregenzerwald), are involved in the first crossborder park between Austria and Germany.

Alpine meadows with 290 different species of plant, valuable upland moors, forests of white firs and ravine forests and an alp density unmatched anywhere else in Austria are characteristics of the nature park. A connecting element is the impressive Nagelfluh range, which crosses the nature park from the west to the east. Great differences in altitude, geologic diversity, sustainable alp farming – all of this resulted in the creation of a large number of various living environments on a relatively small surface. During the winter, the easily accessible mountains in the nature park are an ideal destination for snowshoe hikers, backcountry skiers and lovers of nature.

Must-Sees in the Bregenzerwald

» Water hiking trail along Bolgenach brook
» Lecknertal valley and Lecknersee mountain lake
» Hochhäderich peak
» Rappenfluh and Engenloch gorge
» Cultural wood trail

» Steinernes Tor – Kojenstein and Kojenloch ridge walk
» Kojenmoos nature preserve and Hochhäderich peak
» First barefoot trail in Vorarlberg
» Juppenwerkstatt – manufacturing of traditional clothing

» Rossbad nature preserve
» Moor lounge
» Bolgenach and Weißach mountain brooks
» Haldenköpfle peak

» Parish church built by Alois Negrelli in 1828/29
» Saint Leonhard’s chapel dating back to the 17th century
» Hochsträß high altitude moor
» Architectural theme trail in Sulzberg and Thal

» Rope-secured suspension bridge over Bregenzerach brook
» Rotach and Weißach brooks
» Hüttersberg summit
» Sennerei Huban cheese dairy

» Energy portal theme trails in the center, in the Nord Nature Preserve and along the Bregenzerach rivershore
» Schweizberg-Rotenberg high altitude walking route

» Tufa nature theme trail and St. Anna’s chapel
» Bridges and footpaths over Subersach and Bregenzerach brooks
» Dörnlesee nature preserve
» Bee theme garden

» Gottesacker plateau and Hoher Ifen summit
» Hiking tour to Feuerstätter Kopf peak
» Sibratsgfäll moor bath
» Rindberg rockslide area

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