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Scale new heights in Bregenzerwald
C Adolf Bereuter - Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Scale new heights in Bregenzerwald

Scale new heights in Bregenzerwald

High-ropes courses and climbing parks offer a high-octane alternative to hiking, with Bregenzerwald featuring a wide array of options for climbing enthusiasts of all ages.

Tip: high-ropes courses and climbing parks

Once considered a hazardous pursuit and the sole preserve of specialists, climbing is now open to just about anyone – thanks in no small part to high-ropes courses and climbing parks. These fantastic facilities help train coordination, strengthen the body and provide a fun way to stay active in beautiful natural surroundings. And if you’ve already fallen for the charms of the hiking trails in Bregenzerwald, you’re sure to love these incredible climbing experiences!

Forest high-ropes course and flying-fox zip line, Damüls

A popular winter sports destination, Damüls also attracts thrill-seekers throughout the summer with its six rope parcours. These cover a variety of difficulty levels and feature elevations ranging from two to 13 metres, with a dedicated bambini parcours provided for small children aged three to five. Harnessing equipment is used on all parcours – and the flying-fox zip line is sure to be the highlight of any visit!

Bernd Burtscher/Alexander Schäfer
M +43 664 4147137

Schröcken adventure park

Schröcken remains a terrific place to explore your sense of adventure in this unique mountain pasture region. Don’t miss the high-ropes course, which includes a series of challenges from three to 15 metres up, climbing rocks, 42 rope parcours and three flying-fox zip lines. It’s also ideal for families with children aged six and over!

Flying Fox Park Safari Schröcken

Having once posed a daunting challenge to all comers, the steep, deep gorges of Schröcken now offer a fun-filled adrenaline kick. Criss-crossed by a network of six flying-fox zip lines at heights of between 20 and 90 metres, these wild chasms promise the flight of your life!

Alpinschule Schröcken
Josef Staggl
M +43 664 2525200 or +43 664 7575500

Aqua high-ropes course, Andelsbuch

Andelsbuch was once home to a cable car that transported passengers over the Bregenzer Ache river – until a rock that supported this route was torn away in a storm. Nonetheless, visitors are still free to experience the feeling of soaring over these wonderful waters. At the local high-ropes course, which boasts climbing rocks that are ideal for abseiling and via ferratas that appeal to the brave and the bold, a total of nine flying-fox zip lines let you glide through the air as you look down at the breathtaking Bregenzer Ache.

Aktiv-Zentrum Bregenzerwald
Lutz Schmelzinger
M +43 676 7837878