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Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle: The ideal dish for cold winter days

Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle: The ideal dish for cold winter days

Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle: The ideal dish for cold winter days

Winter dreams, Bregenzerwald-style, come true on refreshing walks through the snow-covered countryside. We recommend following this up with a plate of aromatic Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle, a dish served in practically every inn (though each swears by its own recipe, of course). Introducing eight restaurants selected by Thorsten Bayer. All feature characteristic regional dishes and they are listed in no particular order.

Jagdgasthaus Egender restaurant, Schönenbach

This is the go to place for Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle for many in Vorarlberg. The cheese they use is locally sourced exclusively from the Schönenbach Alpine dairy. Their popular combination is made up of mountain cheeses of three different ages. In exceptional cases, the restaurant sometimes uses Rässkäse cheese, but only when the oldest (two-year-old) variety has been used up.

The Gasthaus Tonele Gams Inn, Egg

Many locals swear by this popular inn, but very few guests have heard of it. “The overall experience has to be just right,” says chef Albert Schneider, referring his restaurant’s combination of ambience, parlour and, of course, the only hot dish on the menu, which has to be pre-ordered. Albert carefully sources the right cheese mix for Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle, which he sources alternating cheesemakers throughout the Bregenzerwald.

Gasthof Pension Taube, Bizau

“Though everyday life can sometimes seem harsh, here I have once again experienced first hand the joys of being spoilt by first class service,” wrote an obviously enthusiastic visitor in the “Taube” guestbook. Such high praise is a well-deserved compliment for this charming place.

Gasthof Alpenblick, Sulzberg

The Gasthof Alpenblick Inn towers high above the villages, rivers and hills of the Bregenzerwald. The name, which means “Alpine views,” says it all. Though you may find yourself staring at your plate instead. Their homemade cake is legendary.

Restaurant Sägerstuben, Au

The Sägerstuben restaurant is located at the nexus of winter hiking and cross-country skiing trails. This is a wonderful choice for families: while grown-ups enjoy the sunny terrace, children can have fun in the playground. With enthusiasm and joyful hospitality, Veronika and Ewald Garber can’t wait to welcome guests.

Landhotel Hirschen, Hittisau

For chef Michael Bechter, regional ingredients matter most. By highlighting their flavours, he allows guests to “taste the region.” Many of these ingredients are sourced from the family’s extensive network and the cheese is no exception.

Nazes Hus, Mellau

When the weather is cold and blustery outside, is there a better place to spend time than in this historically protected house (the only one in the municipality)? The owners refer to their “hus” as an oasis of wellbeing. Music lovers are especially welcome here. The menu is deliberately kept small.

Gasthof Adler Inn, Schwarzenberg

The “Adler” is the kind of place where people happily linger, as generations of locals can attest. The house was first built in 1756 and renovated in 1990. The building features a rustic façade, an informal atmosphere, and classics such as Käsknöpfle cheese spaetzle and Tafelspitz (boiled beef) on the menu in addition to sour cream and yuzu ice cream flavours for dessert.

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