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Holistic beauty and care

Holistic beauty and care

Susanne Kaufmann Spa & Cosmetics

Her attractive products are designed with natural ingredients and essences from the Bregenzerwald. They are available in the new Susanne Kaufmann Shop Bezau at the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann. They can also be ordered online.

The Susanne Kaufmann Spa at the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau is a place of beauty and holistic wellness. Only cosmetics from the Susanne Kaufmann™ line of care products made in the Bregenzerwald are used during treatments.

By the time she was 23, Susanne Kaufmann had already taken over her parents’ business at the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau. Bit by bit she made her influence apparent: A mixture of puristic and clear design and a consistent focus on essential elements. She launched her first Susanne Kaufmann™ cosmetic product with natural ingredients for use at the hotel’s own spa in 2003. Today, there are more than 90 products in her cosmetic line, which are produced in the Bregenzerwald and sold internationally. The Susanne Kaufmann Spa Concept is only available in select hotels.

Care products from Susanne Kaufmann™

Susanne Kaufmann always believed in the idea of championing Alpine plants for beauty, health and well-being. Along with a team of pharmaceutical professionals and dermatologists, she developed products featuring precious natural ingredients for her Susanne Kaufmann organic treats cosmetics line. These products feature a particularly high proportion of active herbal ingredients. All ingredients are specifically chosen to achieve the desired effect. High quality ingredients, delicate processing, experience and knowledge ensure that these cosmetics are especially well tolerated by the skin. All ingredients are dermatologist tested and only allergy-free aromas are used. Cosmetics from Susanne Kaufmann are made in the Bregenzerwald and are produced by the Metzler family in Egg.

Pampering at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa

At the Spa of the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau, guests can discover for themselves just how pleasant the products in the Susanne Kaufmann line really are. The treatments, which are performed by experienced therapists, are perfectly in tune with the in-house line of cosmetic products.

The holistic spa concept is based on three key principals: Natural anti-ageing, TCM detox and body rejuvenation.

Natural Anti Ageing

The anti-ageing products from the Susanne Kaufmann™ cosmetic line are innovative and a purely natural form of anti ageing. Results are visible already after the first use. Small wrinkles disappear, deeper wrinkles are visibly reduced, age-related damage is repaired and the complexion is refined. Tailor-made treatments take full advantage of the products’ optimal impact. For instance, traditional techniques such as a jade roller from the TCM, deep penetrating ultrasound, effective fascia massages and pampering rituals are all employed.

TCM Detox

TCM Detox helps to free the body of acidosis and impurities. Cleansing from the inside helps to free the body of toxins, boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system and improves the complexion. The TCM Detox programme of the Susanne Kaufmann Spa was developed in concert with a doctor for general and Chinese medicine.

Body Rejuvenation Treatments

The Body Rejuvenation Concept, which was developed by Susanne Kaufmann and a doctor, is based on the latest scientific insights in the lymphology and myofascial therapy. It activates and sheds fat cells, removes tissue fluid and firms connective tissues. The Body Rejuvenation Concept forms the foundation for weight and size reduction, detoxification, improved skin tissue and full-body rejuvenation.

Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

Hotel Post Bezau & Susanne Kaufmann Spa, Brugg 35 6870 Bezau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5514 22070

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