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Regional shopping at Sutterlüty

Regional shopping at Sutterlüty

Regional shopping at Sutterlüty

Count yourself lucky to be shopping at Vorarlberg's favourite market for regional products!

Vorarlberg enjoys purchasing regional products — preferably from Sutterlüty. After all, they feature the world’s largest assortment of regional foods

and you can feel (and taste) the the regional pride with every purchase. These modern regional shops allow you to purchase local products as easily as you would from a farm with the added bonus of a unique range. Sutterlüty is supplied by over 1,500 regional partners, most of which are long-standing relationships, with around 3,000 “Ländle” and “Ländle pur” products and over 150 specially selected insider tips from the region. Such products make Sutterlüty Vorarlberg’s favourite market shops for regional products. Only Sutterlüty can boast that one in three euros spent flow back into the region.

The “Ländle Pur” or “Ländle” heart icons allow consumers to see at a glance which products at Sutterlüty come wholly or partly from the region.

Products produced in Vorarlberg, or those containing ingredients from Vorarlberg, receive the “Ländle Pur” heart icon. Meanwhile, products with the “Ländle” heart are manufactured in Vorarlberg. Every time you purchase a regional product from Sutterlüty, you are helping to secure the existence of over 1,500 partner businesses and producers in the region. In addition, your decision will help protect the climate and the environment. As you can see, it pays to purchase regional products.

Regional products

  • underpin the future of our farmers and farms
  • have a traceable origin
  • are made from fresh, predominantly regional ingredients
  • secure our region’s jobs
  • protect our environment thanks to short transport distances and reduced CO2 emissions
  • help to preserve our cultural landscape
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Meat-free, but rich in taste!

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