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Pension Engel***

Pension Engel***

The Pension Engel, located just two kilometres from Hittisau, has offered fasting courses to guests since 1990. Guests can select from two fasting methods: basic fasting or healing fasting.

Time to fast

This hotel with garden and modern addition features a red-shingle exterior. Inside, guests stay in bright contemporary rooms. Those who decide to participate in fasting according to the principles of Drs Buchinger & Lützner voluntarily choose to forgo meals during their stay. Instead, guests will drink tea and juices. This form of fasting gives your body the chance to sustainably detoxify and remove impurities.

The second offered method is basic fasting, a more gentle path to provide the body with relief. Participants eat three times per day and the meals are made from organic-quality delicious fruits and vegetables.

Both fasting methods can be combined. Basic fasting is, for example, a good idea after healing fasting or as a way to build up or experience relief.

Sauna visits and movement lend variety to your time during fasting days. Select from massages, foot care, meditation and creative acrylic painting.

An overview of the Pension Engel

  • Healing fasting according to Drs Buchinger & Lützner
  • Basic fasting with three basic meals per day
  • Healthy fasting & yoga
  • Finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared sauna, solarium
  • Massages
  • Food care
  • Gymnastics
  • Meditation

Pension Engel

Au 18 6952 Bolgenach, Hittisau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 6231-0

A refreshing outdoor foot bath

A refreshing outdoor foot bath

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