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Devich Wooden Shoemaker

Devich Wooden Shoemaker

Some wear them in the barn, others wear them in the city. The Devich family has been making wooden shoes – clogs, boots and sandals – for four generations. The materials – wood, leather and hide – are always different and so each pair is unique.

The clogs produced by the masters at Devich in Hittisau are no longer designed just for outdoor work, they now feature a more youthful and ‘cult’ character. Each shoe is different, like e.g. the “Wooden Shoe Ziegenfell, which is lined with sheep’s wool” or special “Boots from willow wood with integrated foot bed.” Once you try them on, you’ll be hard pressed to take them off!

Devich Holzschuherzeugung

Basen 591, 6952 Hittisau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 31101

Cushioning the fall

Cushioning the fall

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