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400 villagers reside in this village, located in a quiet valley near Hittisau at 930 m elevation. The panoramic views from here are particularly impressive: The Gottesackerwände, Hoher Ifen, Diedamskopf and Winterstaude mountains encircle the village.

Culture & Events

The Georunde Rindberg trail combines the best of nature and culture. Spread across eight stations, this trail emphasises the visual and palpable power of nature. The circuit trail leads to the Rindberg plot, where some years ago a mountain ridge broke off. The landslide has left broad scars on the landscape: “Felber’s Wonky House,” for example, is located along the way. This former holiday home slid 18 metres downhill without sustaining any further damage. The consequences of natural calamity are summarised in an exhibition entitled “The Power of Nature” at the Nagelfluhkette nature park.


Numerous hiking trails through this mountainous area are accessible in summer and in winter. One popular summer hike leads to the summer settlement of Schönenbach. There are also attractive areas for mountain bikers. In winter, it’s possible for ski fans to ski at the village lift, head out on ski tours, or glide through the forests and meadows on cross-country-skis at the nearby Hittisau-Balderschwang and Hittisau-Hochhäderich areas.


  • An idyllic natural moor is located in the forest near the entrance to the village of Sibratsgfäll. Here, visitors can enjoy a moor bath and pamper their skin in two wooden basins. There is also a Kneipp area and a natural pond for swimming.

Tourismusbüro Sibratsgfäll

Dorf 18, 6952 Sibratsgfäll, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 2112-13


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