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Easily accessible, this village is the oldest settlement in northern Bregenzerwald. At 685 m elevation, the village has a population of around 1,500.

The parish church at the village centre, which was recently renovated and has received architectural prizes, can’t escape notice. An olive tree, with roots that grow from a small stream of water, is one of the surprising interior features of the church and is meant to symbolise Jordan. The new altar is made of 12 stone blocks from the region.

Culture & Events

The municipality has placed 28 “stories” on benches placed along various hiking and walking trails. The motto of this project is “Lingenau says.” Participants can access recordings told by residents of Lingenau via QR code or mobile phone. The stories, which can be enjoyed in local dialect or more neutral “High German,” have to do with the various vantage points at each bench.


An extra special trail leads into the valley along the Subersach river. Over thousands of years, limestone travertine and deposits have formed that can be seen nowhere else in the Alpine Region. These formations and their yellowish-white colour varieties can be observed along the solidly constructed and comfortably shady “Quelltuff” trail. Along the Rotenberg forest trail, on the other hand, 20 stations draw attention to the meaning of the forest. On the path, for instance, there is a wooden room, an upland moor and a natural arena made from stone types typical of the region. In winter, there is plenty to do such as cross-country-skiing, winter hiking or skiing at areas such as i.e. the Alpenarena Hochhäderich.


  • The “Umgang Bregenzerwald” village walk provide insights into the design culture of Bregenzerwald. Rust-coloured pillars indicate the location of the various stations.
  • Thousands of pieces of cheese are maturing at the cheese cellar at the village limits of Lingenau. The high racks of cheese can be admired from the outside and cheese can be purchased on the spot.
  • The Gschwendtobelbrücke, a covered wooden bridge over the Subersach river, joins Egg and Lingenau. Alois Negrelli planned this masterpiece of engineering and carpentry in 1834. In his later years, Negrelli played a key role in the planning of the Suez Canal.

Lingenau Tourismus

Hof 258, 6951 Lingenau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 6321

Village stories

Village stories

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