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Somewhat hidden, yet accessible from Bezau via Reuthe, the town of Bizau is nestled in a wider area of the valley floor at 680 m.

1,100 people live in the handsome village with its old houses and carefully modernised wood constructions. Those looking for relaxation and gourmet food will be well served in Bizau. Vorarlberg’s only organic hotel, the “Schwanen,” is located here. Food is prepared according to organic principals and the requirements of Hildegard von Bingen. The mix has been awarded two prestigious toques from Gault Millau.

Culture & Events

“We honour the old, greet the new and stay true to our roots.” If there is one phrase that nearly all residents of Bregenzerwald find apt, it’s this one. The phrase originates from a poem by ‘dialect poet’ Gebhard Wölfle (1848-1904). Wölfle was born in Bizau and it was here that he founded the first amateur theatre group in Vorarlberg, which has been active in Bizau since 1866.


Hiking and enjoying nature are amongst the most preferred activities during summertime in Bizau. A stroll along the barefoot hiking trail at the Bizauer Moos moor is both relaxing and refreshing. Wooden beams along the Ulvenbach stream subdivide the trail into sections. Using these balancing beams, walkers can reach the opposite shore of the stream with dry feet. Benches for relaxation and passing the time have been erected on the peninsulas formed by the stream windings. The “Goßarweag” trail is a reminder of how goats were once shepherded in times gone by. There are five stations for touching, seeing, hearing, feeling, guessing and climbing designed especially with children in mind. Numerous existing trails that lead back to the village along the way allow walkers to join or leave the trail at their convenience.

In wintertime, visitors and locals head to nearby ski areas or enjoy the village, which features winter hiking, ski touring or cross-country skiing.


  • A hike in the picturesque summer settlement of Schönenbach, where cows and people spend the summer, is especially pleasant. The Jagdhaus Egender, known for its “Käsknöpfle” cheese spaetzle, is a great place to stop for food or refreshments.
  • The sheep’s milk farm run by the Gmeiner family in Bizau offers delicious food and care products (from yogurt to cheese or hand creams) made from sheep’s milk. In the shop, ‘Helden in Grün’ (heroes in green) herbal products made by Elisabeth Breidenbrücker from Bizau are also available.
  • The “Umgang Bregenzerwald” village walk provide insights into the design culture of Bregenzerwald. Rust-coloured pillars indicate the location of the various stations.
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