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Tips for mountain bikers

Tips for mountain bikers

Tips for mountain bikers

For the moment, Bregenzerwald remains an insider’s tip for mountain bikers. The range of trail difficulty levels from laid-back to extremely challenging is exceptional. Many trails lead through culturally significant areas: to temporary summer settlements and high-Alpine mountain pasture farms, where delicious Bregenzerwald Mountain Cheese originates. Nearly 450 km of signposted trails are available.

Taking bikes on board buses and trains

As long as there is space, bikes can be taken on board select bus lines and specially designated trains displaying the bike symbol. Bikes require a separate ticket, which can be purchased directly in the bus at a cost of €7.00.

More information about mountain bike transport in cable cars is available here: Mountain bike transport cable cars

Safety tips

Mountain bike routes often lead through demanding terrain. Such areas are especially challenging and mountain bikers are at their own risk. For advice about the correct way to behave in the mountains, we recommend:

  • Riding responsibly means controlling ones speed and exercising caution, especially at bends where obstacles are always present.
  • Hikers and pedestrians have the right of way. Please be considerate and pass at walking speed.
  • Members of the agricultural and forestry industry have the right of way on authorised trails. Please close pasture gates behind you and comply with any current trail closings.
  • Do not deviate from the approved, signposted trails so that nature and habitat for wild animals remains undisturbed.
  • Good tour planning includes consideration for the difficulty of the route and the biker’s own skill. This includes a helmet, protective equipment and a technically sound mountain bike.

More information is available here >> Mountain safety