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KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald

KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald

The KäseStrasse is not a road in the conventional sense. It is instead a collaborative initiative of cheese experts from various disciplines. Throughout the year, members organise events, host tastings and introduce guests to the secrets of cheese production.

A journey of discovery for the senses

The KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald (Cheese Route) is a collaborative initiative of farmers, Alpine dairies, cheesemakers, inns and innkeepers specialising in cheese, museums & cable cars, as well as tourism operations and partners representing local craftsmanship and trade. What all 160 partners within the KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald network have in common is the retention and upkeep of a true gourmet speciality of regional culture. Further stations of the KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald include, e.g.: the modern Käsekeller in Lingenau, a cheese cellar where thousands of wheels of mountain cheese are maturing; the Käsehaus in Andelsbuch which is open seven days a week and offers a comprehensive range of Bregenzerwald cheeses and gourmet specialties for sale; and the Sennschule Alpine dairy school in Egg where guests can produce their own cream cheese during a special cheese-making course.

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Käsekeller Lingenau

Die KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald ist ein Zusammenschluss von Landwirten und Alpen, Sennern und Käsemachern, KäseWirten und Gasthäusern, Museen und Bahnen, Tourismusbetrieben und Partnern aus Handwerk und Handel. Was die über 170…

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Bregenzerwälder KäseHerbst Autumn Cheese Fest

In Bregenzerwald there is a ‘fifth season’ to celebrate from September to the end of October and visitors during this special time of year can experience the culinary and cultural highlights of autumn. Eat at a restaurant or inn specialising in cheeses, visit a colourful farmers’ or cattle market, sample cheeses at special Alpine dairies and so much more! Experience the traditions of the Alptag event and market featuring cheese competition in Schwarzenberg.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald

Zeihenbühl 423 6951 Lingenau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 42870-41

Opening hours

1. April bis 31. Oktober:
Mo – Fr 10 – 18 Uhr
Sa 9 – 17 Uhr
1. November bis 31. März:
Di bis Fr 10 bis 17 Uhr
Sa 10 bis 16 Uhr

Bregenzerwald Card Vorteil:
Für jeden Einkauf ab € 20 im Geschäft im Bregenzerwälder Käsekeller in Lingenau gibt es ein Glas Wäldar Win (1/8 l) oder ein Glas Ländle Saft (1/4 l), einen Kaffee oder Espresso gratis.