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Women’s Museum Hittisau

Women’s Museum Hittisau

Women’s Museum Hittisau

Hittisau Women’s Museum is the first and only museum dedicated to women in Austria.

Hittisau Women’s Museum presents changing exhibitions which examine topics from the fields of history, art, architecture, social history, ethnology, craftsmanship, etc. from a female point of view. Attention is paid to switching between or combining regional and international points of view. To accompany the exhibitions, the Women’s Museum offers an extensive supporting programme of individually organised special guided tours, talks, workshops, concerts, readings and film showings.

persecuted / engaged / married.
Jewish‘s women’s Marriages of Convenience in Exile
6 March to 30 October 2022

A race against time began for Austrian Jews in March 1938. Some Jewish women saved themselves through marriages of convenience with foreign citizens. These marriages were entered into in name only, for reasons of solidarity or against payment, so that the women were able to travel to countries where Jews were not (yet) being persecuted. Thirteen stories of women reveal their different life circumstances and the opportunities and risks of marriages of convenience as a survival strategy – with varying outcomes.

Frida Pop.
An exhibition about the appropriation of the icon that is Frida Kahlo
30 August to 30 October 2022

Guided tours open to the public

T +43 (0)5513 20537

Opening times

Tue – Sun 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Far and yet so close

Far and yet so close

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