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Trips throughout the Lake Constance area.

Trips throughout the Lake Constance area.

The picturesque cities of Lindau and Meersburg are located directly on Lake Constance. Learn more about the past and present of the cities of Konstanz and Vaduz (in the Principality of Liechtenstein).



The town centre of Lindau, which is located entirely on an island, is a prime example of southern flair. The journey by ship takes just 20 minutes from Bregenz. The train station is located close to the harbour, as are countless shops, cafés, and restaurants, which line the streets, alleyways, and lakeside promenade. The pedestrian zone is almost entirely car free and visitors can admire the beautifully renovated historical houses, half-timbered buildings and the opulently painted Renaissance town hall.

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Visitors can stroll up and down the cobblestone alleyways in this medieval city. The Meeresbug castle from the 12th century, with its almost square-shaped Dagobertsturm tower, is particularly impressive. Visitors can head to the oldest inhabited castle in Germany in the footsteps of poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, who spent a good portion of her life at Lake Constance. A visit to the Baroque Neues Schloss castle, with its castle chapel and ceremonial halls, is also worthwhile.

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The city of Konstanz is located on the opposite end of Lake Constance from Vorarlberg. The impressive council building at the harbour bears witness to the Council of Constance (1414-1418), as does the modern “Imperia” statue (also located at the harbour), which acts as a humorous reminder of the spirit of confrontation and world strife promoted by the powerful council. Those interested in art history should visit the Gothic cathedral and crypts, while those interested in strolling through the alleyways and shopping should head to the many shops, historical buildings, cafés and restaurants.

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Schloss Vaduz / Frühling


The coexistence of tasteful traditional and contemporary architecture in the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein is astounding. High above the city and surrounded by forests, sits Vaduz Castle, home to the Prince of Liechtenstein. A visit to the modern Vaduz Art Museum, which has been expanded since 2015 by the Hilti Art Foundation, is quite worthwhile. Contemporary art is also on display at the “Kunstraum Englaenderbau,” a building from the 1930s. A stroll through this handsome city can be enjoyed either before or after a museum visit.

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“Mum, I'm headed skiing!

“Mum, I'm headed skiing!"

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