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“s’Ernele” addition to the Romantikhotel DAS SCHIFF

“s’Ernele” addition to the Romantikhotel DAS SCHIFF

“s’Ernele” addition to the Romantikhotel DAS SCHIFF

Construction and finishing: The "s'Ernele” addition is a building made from wooden posts and beams with a horizontal spruce strip facade. The enclosed wing of rooms was built in solid wood construction and has a shingle facade.

All structural elements that are in contact with the ground are of solid construction. For the interior, mainly solid oak, larch and spruce were used. Furthermore, the existing parlour and the cheese cellar were renovated and the cassetted ceiling in the dining area was restored. Design: The choice of architectural style was influenced by the existing structure but was also based on regional knowledge, respect for the existing structures and regional craftsmanship. The harmony of these elements is important when considering that the building will influence and affect people for many decades to come. Construction: All craftsmen employed in the building process are from the immediate area (regional added value).


Heideggen 311
6952 Hittisau
T +43 5513 6220


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