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Pumptrack Mellau

Pumptrack Mellau

Pumptrack Mellau

The Pumptrack is a sports facility for all wheels, whether bicycle, kickboard or skateboard and may be ridden free of charge. Set up in an endless loop, the aim is to actively ride the course with its waves, curves and jumps through sweeping up and down movements - the so-called "PUMPING" - and to generate speed without pushing or pedaling.

Combining gentle jumps and turns, pump tracks are accessible to everyone. You learn to use momentum, balance and speed by applying pressure to the wheels. And you do this with just the use of your arms and legs. The pumptracks are designed in such a way that even as the rider’s skills expand, they continue to offer new challenges. Our pumptracks offer obstacles that a five year old can roll over and at the same time a professional can use to jump.

Children under 6 years old please only under parental supervision, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the pumptrack. Helmets are compulsory.

The Pumptrack in Mellau is a joint project of the witus communities Mellau, Bezau, Bizau, Reuthe and Schnepfau.


Hinterbündt 432, 6881 Mellau (at the soccer field Mellau)
How to get there: Take the bike path directly past the valley station of the Mellau cable car and turn left after the bridge to the Mellau soccer field.

Mellau Tourismus

Platz 292, 6881 Mellau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5518 2203-14

Opening hours

Mo bis Fr von 08.30 - 12.00 Uhr
Mo, Di, Do und Fr zusätzlich von 14.00 - 17.00 Uhr

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