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Portlahorn (2,010 m) ski tour for beginners

Portlahorn (2,010 m) ski tour for beginners

Straightforward panorama tour above the Damüls ski area.


Jägerstüble inn on the road between Oberdamüls and Furkajoch


From Damüls, head to Oberdamüls and continue towards the Furka Pass. Park at the Gasthaus Jägerstüble inn at the end of the cleared road.

Difference in altitude

400 m



Brief description

The simple panorama tour above the Damüls ski area is ideal for beginners. Portlahorn can be reached without significant difficulties. The tour is a real pleasure, especially when the sun is shining. There is a fabulous view on all sides from the peak of Portlahorn. Among other things, you can see the Furka Pass, Zimba, Hoher Freschen, Sünserspitze, Ragazer Blanken.

Route description

The relatively short tour starts at the “1,600 m” ski lift. If you start from the Sonneck lift, the tour is 200 m of elevation longer. To the left of the four-seater chairlift, first ascend at the side of the slope, past the sun terrace of the Gasthaus Sonneck inn. A few metres further, you can see a cross and a small stone house on the left. From the cross, follow the tracks which are generally clearly visible. You can see the first milestone, the first hill (1,900 m), from the start. It is best to remove your skis for the last metres to this destination. The trail is relatively narrow and steep. On the other side, at the end of the ridge, descend a few steps and then take the moderately steep route along the broad ridge to the summit.


Either on the same route as the ascent, or a more attractive route leads you along the base of the “Seven Hills”. For this, walk a few steps downhill from the cross; the short, very beautiful ski run to the starting point begins there.

It’ll snow on Wednesday

It’ll snow on Wednesday

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