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kulturverein bahnhof Andelsbuch

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kulturverein bahnhof Andelsbuch

Culture is always on display at the ‘bahnhof,’ the renovated K&K railway station Andelsbuch of the former Bregenzerwaldbahn railway.

More than 50 events take place at the ‘bahnhof’ every year including exhibitions, lectures and discussions, fairytale readings, recitals and concerts, which attract not only locals but also a broader audience from Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. The goal of bahnhof organisers is to bring culture from around the world to the Bregenzerwald and to display the local culture as well. The works of young avant-garde artists might be the focus or perhaps the arts and craft of older people from the region. The arts centre enjoys a positive international reputation with musicians, music agencies and the media. It is also the birthplace and the venue of the last concert of one of Austria’s most exciting contemporary bands, the Holstuanarmusigbigbandclubs (HMBC).

Kulturverein Bahnhof

kulturverein bahnhof Andelsbuch, Hof 347 6866 Andelsbuch, Österreich

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