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Krumbach - Vitality of the moor

Krumbach - Vitality of the moor

Krumbach - Vitality of the moor

Why do moors deserve environmental protection? Which plants and animals live in the moor? And how can we replenish our sense of vitality? There are many ways to enjoy the Krumbach Moor.

For some it might be difficult to find their own way the first time around. So with lively facts and exciting stories, Moor guides accompany guests from the village centre to the Rossbad nature reserve. As long as they are retained, moors are able to store carbon dioxide because they enrich biomass in their waterlogged environments. For this reason alone, they deserve both consideration and protection. The nature and the history of moors come alive at the Moorsitze (moor seats). Located far from the main streets, the ‘moor-room’ observation platform is well worth a visit regardless of the weather. Insider tip: try visiting the Krumbach moors between 5-7 am. In summer, an early-morning hike through the moors promotes vitality. Start your hike in Rossbad at dusk and walk to the Engisholz Moorsitz (moor seat). At this time, the moor glistens and steams due to the coolness of the ground. As you make your way through the Wüstegraben trail, nightfall seems to set in again. But by the time you dip your feet into the water of the Kneipp area, light and your sense of vitality will have returned. For an epic morning wake-up call, those in the mood can walk around barefoot towards the ‘moor-room’ observation platform!

Secret tip: Moor hike between 6 and 8 a.m. in the morning

Krumbach Tourismus

Dorf 2, 6942 Krumbach, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 8157

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