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Hittisau alpine dairy farm museum

Hittisau alpine dairy farm museum

Historic Alpine-dairy kitchen with devices for cheesemaking and milk processing, guided tours and a small cheese-tasting session.

The centrally located Alpine dairy museum displays an historic, completely renovated cheesemaking kitchen. Around 80 exhibits show how milk is processed and cheese is made.

With over 120 managed mountain pastures, Hittisau is Austria’s community with the most Alpine farms. Small wonder that the area also features an Alpine dairy museum, which was first opened in 1980 and then relocated to its current site in 2011. Tour participants will learn from a master cheesemaker and discover interesting details about cheesemaking’s past and present. There is also a film about milk processing and the opportunity to taste various types of cheese.

The tradition of cheesemaking

Cattle and dairy farming first developed in Bregenzerwald around 1700 before becoming the main source of income for the area. Due to changes in the climate, grain farming had been drastically reduced. With the introduction of “hard cheese production” (according to the Appenzell model), cheese with a longer shelf life could be created. Cheese sales led to the development of trade relations throughout Europe. Today, Bregenzerwald cheese is known as a high-quality product and is in high demand.

Guided tours of the Alpine dairy museum, cheese making as it was 150 years ago, a film about current cheesemaking methods, and a small cheese tasting. The tour takes approx. 1 hour

Opening times

Wed 10 am with guided tour (registration until Tuesday 12 noon) and anytime upon request

Hittisau Tourismus

Platz 370, 6952 Hittisau, Österreich

+43 (0) 5513 6209-250

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