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Feuerstätterkopf (1,645 m) ski tour for beginners

Feuerstätterkopf (1,645 m) ski tour for beginners

This lovely, popular tour takes you across gentle ski slopes, without any flat spots.


Sibratsgfäll, Gasthaus Alpenrose inn

Difference in altitude

650 m



Refreshment options

None on the tour, but Café Alpenrose is the starting point.


From Immenstadt im Allgäu, follow the B308 road past the Großer Alpsee lake to Oberstaufen. From there, continue on state road 2005 towards Hittisau/Austria. Follow L205 to Hittisau and then drive to Sibratsgfäll on the L21. Continue to Rindberg from there and park at Cafe Alpenrose.


The trail starts directly outside Cafe Alpenrose on the right; follow it for 2 hours to the 1,645 m peak of Feuerstätterkopf. From here, you already have a beautiful view of Bullerschkopf (1,761 m), seven kilometres away, and Winterstaude (1,877 m), eight kilometres away. You can also already see the Gottesackerwände, though Hoher Ifen is still concealed at this point. The tour passes through the landslide area, which has now calmed again, rising north-eastward to Lustenauer Riesalpe and onto a small, prominent summit to the right.

From there, the trail leads you to the left and on the Sommerweg trail to a basin at an altitude of roughly 1,400 m. Now pass the mountain hut on the steeper ramp to the secondary peak. From there, the tour takes you on an arc to the left through a little forest on the last few metres to the summit.


Same route as ascent.

Feel the ski flow!

Feel the ski flow!

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