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Stories in a jar - WOLFGANG FAIRKOCHT regional products.

An award-winning chef since 1988 with a toque from Gault&Millau, Wolfgang Mätzler remains convinced by his profession even after all these years. He’s excited to finally realise his dream of “bringing the art of storytelling to jars.”
Metzler’s inspiration for this concept came from his grandmother, who collected countless jars, which she stored like treasures on her cellar shelves. Inside these jars, she locked the many aromas, scents stories and anecdotes of summer so that she could open them up once again on the cooler days of winter. Ever since, Metzler has been fascinated by the power of preserved food to revive memories! Food preservation: What a miracle and an ingenious method of food preparation! For him, there was no turning back. Exploring the depths of this phenomenon, the power of unsealing a jar, working on this technique and refining it, experimenting and giving pleasure to many people! What could be more worthy of his time?


FAIRKOCHT stands for fairness from the farmer to the consumer. These values are reflected in the treatment of the animal and the quality of the product. “My calves are reared in a species-appropriate environment with an open barn and a well-managed meadow for grazing. These animals are not dehorned, don’t have had to travel anywhere, aren’t pumped full of medication, and won’t be slaughtered under stress.”

FAIRKOCHT stands for quality-controlled standards: After all, the origin of any given animal says next to nothing about animal welfare. As a consequence, suppliers are chosen only after an inspection of their stables and close monitoring. To participate, the farmers must sign an “honour code.” “We consider it our duty to increase the value of meat, i.e. the animal, as well as the sensitivity, attentiveness and honest performance of the farmers and to bring such values to the forefront of public consciousness. We are obligated to take the goals of environmental protection seriously. Regional food production and agriculture must be supported – in every respect.”

FAIRKOCHT stands for pure natural products – FREE FROM glutamates and flavour enhancers (e-substances). Products are exclusively processed with salt, and organic herbs and spices from Sonnentor.


  • BREED: a preference  for Original Braunvieh, Tyrol Grey and Fleckvieh cattle
  • FEEDING: exclusively with milk. Water, grass or hay are always readily available.
  • MEDICINE: only administered by a veterinarian (requirement)
  • LIVING WEIGHT: 120 kg
  • GREEN SPACES MANAGEMENT: no artificial fertilisers are allowed (requirement)
  • HORNS: no dehorning (requirement)
  • PURE NATURAL PRODUCT:  free from flavour enhancers (e-substances) and glutamates


Hof 437, 6866 Andelsbuch, Österreich

+43 664 568 12 58

Vegetables: From the garden to the kitchen!

Vegetables: From the garden to the kitchen!

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