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Cycling at the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Cycling at the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Cycling at the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Bike trainings (also with e-bike) for kids and adults organised and supervised by Lutz Schmelzinger, master bike trainer, instructor and mountain-bike guide.

On cycle paths, in rugged terrain or through the mobile obstacle courses for bikes, kids and adults practice their bike skills under the attentive eye of expert Lutz Schmelzinger. During e-bike info days, interested participants have the possibility to test our various e-bikes and their respective characteristics. Naturally, test drives allow participants to better get to know the differences between an e-bike and a conventional bike.Lutz Schmelzinger also provides advice about which e-bikes are best suited to individual preferences and requirements.

E-bike training days provide the opportunity to get to know the many features of the e-bike with the assistance of an experienced professional.During a variety of exercises, participants learn to improve technique and practice their skills and balance.

Offers from the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald at a glance:

  • Bike trainings for kids and adults
  • Bike training school and manoeuvrability training for adults/senior citizens.
  • Bike trainings for women
  • mobile obstacle course for bikers
  • E-bike info days
  • E-bike training days

Aktiv Zentrum Bregenzerwald

Lutz Schmelzinger

Aktiv Zentrum Bregenzerwald, Schnepfau, Österreich

+43 676 783 787 8

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