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Conny Land Theme Park (CH)

Conny Land Theme Park (CH)

Plenty of action and adventure for all ages awaits at this fantastic Swiss theme park in Lipperswill, which features both indoor and outdoor attractions.

Conny Land, rated amongst Europe’s top 10 theme parks in 2017 for the second time in a row, boasts around 50 attractions and live shows.

Sea lion arena & lagoon

The sea lion arena is a model of its kind in every way. At the arena, visitors can watch trainers and sea lions interact with one another in a playful manner. Each show includes pedagogic elements for both children and adults.

Very popular: At the see lion lagoon it is possible to swim with the sea lions. This is an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime.

Laser temple

The new laser temple and laser obstacle course are amongst the new attractions. Here you can move through a room filled with laser beams like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible! The atmosphere is dark and foggy and one can hear the whirring of green and red laser beams. You will need skill and precision, as the goal of is to get through the laser obstacles as quickly as possible.

Cobra & mammoth tree

The “Cobra” and the “mammoth tree” roller coasters are only for the very brave. The Cobra is Europe’s biggest linear roller coaster and the largest roller coaster in Switzerland. In the “mammoth tree,” guests climb on board to experience a breathtaking journey from the lagoon to the pinnacle of danger: the battle between an old, angry tree and the elements of fire, water and wind.

There is also a white-water ride, the ‘Dinosaur attack,’ a jungle adventure, a flight simulator, a giant slide and so much more.


Connylandstraße 1, 8564 Lipperswil (TG)

+41 (0) 52 7627 272


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