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Archery in Doren

3D archery course in Doren

The wild, impressive landscape and geology of the Doren Gschlief is the stage for this thrilling archery course.

Dense, virgin forest patches can be found here as can more open forest of larger trees and wide open areas. Take your shot and make it count as you master downhill and uphill shots over long or short distances.

Archery instead of Gameboy & X-Box

This archery course offers worthwhile possibilities to engage and challenge kids, who might otherwise be occupied with a Gameboy or X-Box and who seem to profit little from a Sunday excursion. It’s hard to get bored when you spend six or seven hours with bow and arrow, up and downhill, especially when mom and dad provide stiff competition with precision shots of their own.

Shoes & equipment

Because the Doren Gschlief is wild terrain in a pristine state, sturdy shoes (ideally hiking boots) are very important. It is also recommended to bring enough to drink (not alcohol) and insect spray in summertime.

Rules & tips

Only experienced shooters are allowed to use the obstacle course. Archers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is experienced in archery.

Before shooting, all archers must sign the course book with their name and date. This is located in the town hall in Doren and at the following inns: Adler in Doren, Ochsen in Sulzberg. The start of the course is below the Adler inn in Doren. Bows and arrows can be rented from the inn.

Opening times

Beginning of April to start of winter

Daily from 9am to 7pm, reservations preferred.

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