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3D archery course - Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

3D archery course - Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Test your aim and gain a fundamental understanding for the art and traditions of archery. Equipment can be rented from the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald in Schnepfau.

Concentration & precision

This sport demands a high degree of concentration and precision. The slow drawing of the bow, the stillness of aiming and then the exhilaration of release when the arrow leaves your grasp, is an almost meditative process. The conscious ceremony of tension and release is not only a good exercise for kids, youths and teens, it is also ideal for adults of any age and is often used in sports therapy.

Theory & practise

Bows, arrows and arm protectors can be rented at the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald in Schnepfau. Professional trainers will guide novices through a brief history of the materials used for bow and arrows before teaching the basics of target practice and getting a feeling for the right posture, shooting technique, aiming and release.

Afterwards, participants can head ‘hunting’ with bow and arrow at the 3D practice area in the forest near the Gasthof Ritter inn. The skills learned can then be put to the test at various 3D targets. Completing the course takes about three hours.

It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes and clothing for any weather.

Aktiv Zentrum Bregenzerwald

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“Mum, I'm headed skiing!

“Mum, I'm headed skiing!"

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