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The Bregenzerwald flying area (Niedere close to Bezau-Andelsbuch and Diedamskopf close to Au-Schoppernau) is well-known for its laminar upwind and its pleasant thermal conditions.

The special thing about it is that an increasing number of flight/training areas can be offered within 10 km with each (wind) direction. The proximity and the easy accessibility of both flying areas ensure that training is both flexible and fast. On the Diedamskopf, you can take off towards the southerly, south-easterly and easterly directions across alpine, steep terrain. From the approx. 10° in the pull-up area, the take-off area continually passes into a steep slope. Two take-off ramps are available for hang-gliders.

Also on offer: tandem flights.

Information & Lessons
Bregenzerwald flying school
T +43 (0)5514 3177
Tandem mobile
M +43 (0)664 5127765

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