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Culinary winter hikes in the Bregenzerwald

Hike through the wintry landscape and warm your cockles over a meal in cosy cafés, mountain inns and restaurants.More

Tafeln Villa Maund©Ludwig Berchtold, Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Feasting in the Bregenzerwald

Chefs from the Bregenzerwald invite you to an exclusive dining event - a five-course meal.More


The Bregenzerwald has a considerable number of restaurants and inns for those who enjoy good food. This includes a few exceptional addresses. MundArtThe term “MundArt” ...More

Moore_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Moor restaurateurs Krumbach

Four restaurateurs have taken up the topic of "Krumbach's moorlands" as their mission. As "moor restaurateurs", they offer their guests guided tours, cookery courses and moorland days to experience ...More

Sennerei © Christoph Lingg_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald

The KäseStrasse isn’t a street or a road in the usual sense: it is a union of experts from various disciplines. Throughout the whole year, the members organise events, invite people to tasting ...More

Kaesekeller_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Culinary Delights Region

How come a valley community in which, a century ago, Sunday dinner comprised a sort of wheat flour mash (with maize grits the rest of the week) is now a gourmet region with specialities whose origins ...More

Frau Kaufmann_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Ms Kaufmann

Ms Kaufmann: learning to cook the home-made way"Ms Kaufmann" teaches her students to cook a four-course meal according to old recipes, either sticking to the original or applying ...More

Ingo Metzler_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Dairy farming up close

A visit to the farm offers insights into the world of the farmers. Regional products are part of the Bregenzerwald's identity.More

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