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Water & Moor

Water and moor are amongst the oldest remedies known to man. These destinations combine the playful with the informative and pleasant.

Riefensberg barefoot course

You can train your five motor skills at the 22 stations of the new  barefoot and fitness course. This covers coordination, stamina, strength, agility and speed.

Riefensberg Tourismus
T +43 (0)5513 8356

Bizau – where water tickles your toes

The Ulvenbach flows in the wide valley plane, close to the centre of Bizau. It is here that visitors can walk barefoot over a stretch about 0.6 km in length, take in the natural sights and sounds of the stream, and admire rare plants.

Bizau Tourismus
T +43 (0)5514 2129

Moorbad Sibratsgfäll

Surrounded by Mother Nature on all sides, a paddling basin, two mud baths and a natural-water swimming pool await. (Early June to late September).

Sibratsgfäll Tourismus
T +43 (0)5513 2112-13

Krumbach - Vital energy in the moor

How do moors contribute to climate protection? What plants and animals are found there? How do we obtain vital energy there? The access points to the Krumbach moors are diverse. Sometimes one may not find one’s way into them right away. The moor guides bring vibrant knowledge and exciting stories to your journey between the centre of the village and the Rossband nature reserve. Bio-mass enrichment of the water-saturated environment means that carbon dioxide has been stored up in the moors since their initial formation. For that reason alone they deserve our respect and protection. At the Moorsitze (moor seats), the nature and history of the moors are brought to life. Beyond the main roads, the Moorraum (moor room) is definitely worth a visit, regardless of the weather. Insiders recommend visiting the Krumbach moors between five and seven in the morning. In the summer, an early walk through the moors promotes vitality. Starting in Rossbad, walkers make their way through the dawn light to Moorsitz Engisholz. Condensation on the cool ground causes the moor to steam and sparkle. Passing by the Wüstegraben (ditches), the night draws closer again. Your animal spirits will certainly return for good when you kick the water in the cool ditches, if not before. Those who wish can make their way barefoot up towards the Moorraum, where the morning’s vibrancy is sure to be celebrated!

Start in the moor summer
1 May 2017 - as part of "Krumbach goht um"

Guided walking tours of the moor
Dates: 4 May - 28 September: every Thursday, 9.30 a.m.
Duration: 2 hours
Price per person: € 8, children under 14: free of charge 

Information & Booking
Krumbach village hall
T +43 (0)5512 8157

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