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Mountain biking

Mountainbike Au-Schoppernau©Adolf Bereuter, Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Package Mountainbike Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald region is an insider's tip for mountain bikers: some routes have only recently been newly created.More

Mountainbike©Stephan Schatz, Die Bike-Schule Au-Schoppernau

Mountain bike map Bregenzerwald

Cyclistes can choose from a total of around 450 km of posted routes in the Bregenzerwald area.More

Mountainbike © Stephan Schatz (277)

Mountainbike Tours

Here you can find a selection of routes for beginners and advanced mountainbikers.More

Mountainbike © Stephan Schatz (277)

Tour interactive

Here you can find detailed information of different tours.More

Mountainbike © Adolf Bereuter_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Outdoor specialists

Our outdoor specialists offer cycling technique training and guided Mountain bike and road bike tours.More

Mountainbike © Stephan Schatz (277)

Things to know

The Bregenzerwald is still something of an inside tip for mountain bikers: The wide range of easy and highly demanding tours is exceptional. Many of the trails follow the tracks of the locals’ ...More

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