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Running trails

Bezau – Rocky Trail

This challenging trail leads you through a stunning landscape. Starting in the town center of Bezau, the footpath goes right on a rock face to the Känzele. The trail continues at the Rimsgrund ...More

Bezau – Two Loops Through Bezau

The two rounds of this running path pass most creeks of the town of Bezau and the Bregenzerache river. The first part of the eight goes along the first creek (Grebenbach) to the lift station of the ...More

Bezau – Moor of Bizau

The moor of Bizau is a wetland biotope beautifully situated between the towns of Bizau and Bezau. It has a stunning flora and fauna. You start in Reuthe and run to the moor on a flat course. Within ...More

Bezau – Bezegg Loop

On this long and challenging trail, you pass four communities of the Bregenzerwald. Starting in Bezau, you first run along the Bregenzerache river to the town of Andelsbuch-Bersbuch. From there, you ...More

Bezau – Huk’s Childrens’ Trail

The recreation area of Ölberg is situated near the town center of Bezau. Here, mascot Huk-s offers children an exciting trail with funny tasks. The stations are partly integrated in the fitness ...More

Bezau - Little Moor Loop

This short and flat loop goes through the moor and heathland of the Grebauer Moos (moor of Grebau). Situated next to the town center of Bezau, you can thus enjoy the nature running.More

Lingenau – Negrelli’s Trail

This running path is a demanding stretch that passes the mountain of Rotenberg, the town of Hittisau and the valley of the river Subersach. On this running path, you overcome more than 400 height meters. ...More

Lingenau – Travertine Trail

The Quelltuff with its unique lime stone terraces is a main attraction of Lingenau. On the trail you can enjoy this geological highlight running and at the same time,  you will practice your skills ...More

Lingenau – Panorama Path

This varied path first leads you to the little lake Dörnlesee. You then take the route towards the old railroad line into the woods. You pass a waterfall on the right and after having left ...More

Lingenau - Village Loop

This loop gives you a good overview on the town of Lingenau. Starting at the village square, you first run along the Squirrel’s track to the old house of former “Gores Lisl”. You run ...More

Lingenau – Track To The Camping Ground

The distance of this track is less than five kilometers, but it offers you an attractive mountainous landscape. More

Lingenau - Hofrunde

This loop track for beginners is asphalted full-length and very flat. You leave the village square of Lingenau towards the little lake Dörnlesee. Then, you turn left and get to the indoor ...More

Lingenau – Squirrel’s Track

The funny squirrel Eddy Eichhorn offers young and old children a number of exciting exercises on this loop. The track leads from the village square along Gschwend and Hehl back to the starting ...More

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