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Shopping Tips

Kulinarium Metzler - Culinary Treats

Cheese and other Specialties

Regional products from the Bregenzerwald can be purchased in this homey little shop at the heart of Mellau - the slogan is "Healthy, tasty and homemade". Over a nice cup of coffee and a hearty snack you can sample a great variety of fresh products and delights  in a cozy atmosphere.

Erwin and Manuela Metzler
Übermellen 319, 6881 Mellau
Phone +43 (0)664 13 96 352

Vinothek FranzMichl - Wine Store

Wines and Specialties

Let us spoil you in a fantastic ambiance at the splendid "Vinothek FranzMichl" in the village center of Schoppernau at the heart of the rear Bregenzerwald region. This wine store boasts an excellent selection of fine wines complemented by mouth-watering delights of the Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine. The glass facade is decorated with an old Latin toast: "Qui bene bibit, bene vivit."

Vinothek FranzMichl - Wine Store
Unterdorf 2a, 6886 Schoppernau
Phone +43 (0)680 50 02 002

Strubobuob – Garden Workshop for Plants and Decoration

About 100 years ago watering cans and metal goods were produced and repaired here. Today, stylish and nostalgic decoration objects for both house and garden are on sale in the small workshop. Entering the lovely front garden and the garden area, you will be inspired by its enchanting ambiance. The shop name "Strubobuob" is the local Bregenzerwald expression for the faded flowers of the Alpine anemone, describing a tousled hair look.

Jürgen Beer
Bahnhof 139, 6870 Bezau
Phone +43(0)664-432 59 26 or +43(0)5514-31381

Wälderdrogerien Mitterberger - Drugstores

Natural Products

A great selection of natural cosmetics, natural remedies, healing herbs available in jute bags, different sorts of tea plus wonderfully soothing scents and aromas await you at the nice shops located in Alberschwende und Egg. Far away from big drugstore chains, the nature experts can give you plenty of useful advice on health made to measure treatments and natural remedies.

Wälderdrogerien Mitterberger
Hof 18, 6861 Alberschwende
Phone +43(0)5579-4371

Loco 940, 6863 Egg
Phone +43(0)5512-2416

Schafmilchbetrieb Gmeiner - Sheep Milk Farm

Farmer's Shop

Sheep milk has become renowned for its excellent taste and easy digestibility. In the past sheep milk was called the "white medicine". Today, the sheep milk farmers Brigitte and Thomas Gmeiner offer a wide range of homemade sheep and sheep milk products, among them yogurt, varied cheese delights, whey drinks, fresh meat and cold cuts. Furthermore sheep wool products - like felt slippers, natural pillows, etc. - are available in this lovely shop.

Brigitte and Thomas Gmeiner
Kirchdorf 60, 6874 Bizau
Phone +43(0)5514-2509

CIC Rad & Bergsport - Cycling & Mountain Sports

The specialist shop for bicycles and accessories is located in the backyard of the old textile factory in Egg. Here cyclists' dreams come true! The choice is really varied: made to measure bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes or rental bikes await you - plus excellent advice by the four shop experts. Service and repair available as well.

CIC Cycling & Mountain Sports
Klebern 561, 6863 Egg
Phone +43(0)664-15 82 172

Sennerei Huban Doren - Cheese Dairy

Cheese and Hay Milk Products

Cheese delights from the Bregenzerwald region have a unique taste, reminding of the region's awesome landscape. Wide open meadows and pasturelands, unspoilt valley bottoms and high Alpine areas are perfect ingredients for its mouth-watering quality. The Huban cheese specialties, produced according to GM-free standards and without any silage, are made of fresh hay milk only. The truly incomparable aroma of all cheese and milk products ranks among the culinary highlights. Melt an authentic piece of Bregenzerwald in your mouth.

Sennerei Huban
Huban 139, 6933 Doren
Phone +43(0)5516-2001

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