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Places A to Z

Andelsbuch | 613 m

Andelsbuch is surrounded by forests, mountains, lakes and rivers and offers our guests great history, culture, relaxation but also sportive activities.


Alberschwende | 720 m

Alberschwende, located at the entrance of the Bregenz Forest, offers a variety of leisure and sports facilities in an enchanting natural.


Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Au | 800 m

Thanks to its central location at the heart of the rear Bregenzerwald and the huge choice of sports and activities, the holiday resort of Au has become a renowned tourism center in summer and winter alike.


Bezau | 620 m

The lovely little village of Bezau nestles amid Bregenzerwald and offers a myriad of attractions and activities for nature explorers and active families. 


Bizau | 681 m

Bizau is situated far away from mass tourism, in a sunny valley at 681 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Bregenzerwald region.


Damüls | 1.431 m

Damüls is known as the "snow-richest village world-wide". In the summer, the mountains surrounding Damüls promise unlimited walking, hiking and mountain biking to the region's most scenic summits. 


Doren | 711 m

In the north of the Bregenzerwald is the small village Doren. The village is located on the famous "Cheese Route Bregenzerwald" and has a own dairy.


Egg | 564 m

Located to the south-east of Lake Constance, it makes an ideal base for a variety of activities. Egg is the perfect place to relax and unwind and leave dull everyday routine behind.


Hittisau | 792 m

Picturesque, on a plateau of the front Bregenz Forest, lies Hittisau. Those who love the beauty of nature, will feel here, winter sports or on the summer, at home.


Krumbach | 732 m

An extensive network of hiking trails, good local amenities and well-developed catering and accommodation facilities guarantee a pleasant stay.


Langenegg | 697 m

Pure relaxation offers the breathtaking mountains of the Bregenz Forest and the Allgäu Alps in Langenegg. Every season enchants the spectacular natural scenery, any nature lover.


Lingenau | 687 m

A holiday in Lingenau promises wonderful holidays with plenty of sunshine. Lingenau is one of the sunniest places in the Bregenz Forest.


Mellau | 690 m

Splendid views are the reward after a tiring ascent to the impressive peaks surrounding Mellau. Walk along idyllic hiking paths to Mittagsspitze or Kanisfluh and enjoy the views all the way down to Lake Constance.


Reuthe | 650 m

In Reuthe the unique idyllic scenery and the fresh mountain air show simply at their best.


Riefensberg | 781 m

The Nagelfluhkette National Park is home to the rural and picturesque village of Riefensberg. Amid this spectacular scenery you can take a pleasant hike in the morning sun and enjoy the evening with a varied game of golf.


Schnepfau | 734 m

In a wide valley floor in the rear Bregenzerwald, framed by Hirschberg and the Kanisfluh, lies the community Schnepfau. The peaceful village life particularly impressed peace seekers and nature lovers.


Schoppernau | 860 m

Schoppernau offers outdoor activities in abundance, along with an unspoiled environment and crystal-clear air.


Schröcken | 1.260 m

Schröcken, one of the area's small traditional Walser villages at 1270 meters above sea level, enchants both hikers and ski enthusiasts.


Schwarzenberg | 700 m

The homey resort Schwarzenberg charms its guests with its personal atmosphere, its listed buildings and of course the wonderful nature of the Bregenz Forest.


Sibratsgfäll | 930 m

Sibratsgfäll is located in a sunny valley at the edge of the Bregenz Forest. Sibratsgfäll offers everything rest and relaxation seekers can possibly want in a natural setting.


Sulzberg | 1.015 m

Sulzberg is the northernmost municipality of the Bregenz Forest. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view of the imposing mountains.


Warth | 1.500 m

The romantic farmers village of Warth is located on 1,500 meters above sea level amid the large Warth-Schröcken skiing area.


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