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Journeys to architecture and the culture of wood

There are various ways and means for discovering the peculiarities of the Bregenzerwald’s architectural and wooden culture – either under your own steam, or on a guided tour.

Art Nouveau power station

During the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Andelsbuch power station, opened in 1908, was one of the biggest, most modern power stations of its time. Although Andelsbuch power station has been continuously renewed, renovated and extended over the decades, it still maintains its unique character.


Architecture in Sulzberg

Sulzberg and the part of the village known as Thal to the north of the Bregenzerwald are home to several architectural gems: from the Empire-style church, designed by Alois Negrelli, planner of the Suez Canal, through to the “1740 Ichs” (1740 Mes) installation of hair locks which adorns the new village hall. Two new circular paths now lead you to 21 selected buildings and works of art, planned in the most part by renowned architects. As an accompaniment, the “Journeys to Architecture” brochure tells interesting stories. Guided tours with Mayor Helmut Blank are held on certain dates in the summer.

Dates for groups by appointment

Wood culture in Hittisau

As a raw and a building material, wood has always played - and still plays - an essential role in the design of living spaces and daily functions in the Bregenzerwald. Visitors can find out more about wood and the part it plays in the way of life in the Bregenzerwald during rambles and guided tours.

The following can be visited:

  • three wooden bridges, including the oldest bridge in Vorarlberg
  • three sawmills, from the listed ensemble through to the export-orientated large concern
  • Workshops, including the only commercially operating master cooper for miles around
  • Arts centre and fire station
  • A biomass power station which provides over 50 local properties with heat

Guided tours & Information
Hittisau Tourismus
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