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Feasting in the Bregenzerwald

Lovers of regional specialities and a special ambience when they are dining can look forward to special culinary evenings. It is under the motto of “Feasting in the Bregenzerwald” that various chefs from the Bregenzerwald are extending a warm welcome to come and enjoy a five-course meal in a small group between May and July. A special setting in the Bregenzerwald is chosen for the feast. Each of the set meals is dedicated to certain regional specialities, i.e. cheese or herbs, organic chicken or fish caught in the wild, or vegetarian delicacies. The hosts serve matching wine or beer to accompany the meal. Entertainment is on the menu between courses: chefs and producers explain facts associated with the food and the ingredients, with readings and music uniting history with the present.

An overview of the feasts:

Haus am Waldesrand – Gabi Strahammer (Schulhus): organic chicken and fish caught in the wild
1, 2 and 3 July 2016, 6.30 p.m.  
Maximum: 20 persons
Price: € 120 per person for a five-course meal with accompanying wine | SOLD OUT

Information & Reservation

Bregenzerwald Tourismus
T +43 (0)5512 2365

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