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Bezau Beatz©Lukas Hämmerle, Bezau Tourismus

Bezau Beatz Festival

10 - 12 August 2017: A mixed, intellectually stimulating, entertaining programme for people open to new things.More

Bahnhof_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Bahnhof Andelsbuch cultural society

Culture is a regular visitor to the "bahnhof", the converted imperial and royal station in Andelsbuch from the abandoned Wälderbahn.More

Kino Joeslar Andelsbuch_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Hans Bach moving pictures

The vague, constant purring of the 35-mm projector, the massive, heavy rolls of film, the minor mishaps putting in the next reel of film, and an audience which couldn't be more different if it tried ...More

Musikkapelle_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Village evenings

Cultural initiatives in several towns and villages liven up the events calendar with small yet exquisite programmes. The various folk music festivals are major meeting places.More

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