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Architecture & Handicraft

Baukunst Bregenzerwald©Adolf Bereuter, Bregenzerwald Tourismus


If a ranking of the most significant architectural regions in the world were to be drawn up today, Vorarlberg would, without a doubt, be in the top ten.More

Umgang Bregenzerwald

Umgang Bregenzerwald

The way people in the Bregenzerwald deal with their environment is the subject of specially marked paths through the villages of the region.More

Werkraum Haus Ansicht mit Bahnhof©Florian Holzherr, Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

The culture of building and living is everywhere you look in the Bregenzerwald. The locals have been appreciating the artisan production methods employed in small and medium-sized enterprises since ...More


All sorts of specialist craft items are created in workshops and studios. Items made by expert craftspeople and artisans are available in a number of shops, generally straight from the producers.More

BUS:STOP Krumbach

Architects from seven different countries are designing seven different bus stops in Krumbach: small buildings for the good of the public. However, this is only one aspect of a courageous project. The ...More

Kraftwerk Andelsbuch_Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Journeys to architecture and the culture of wood

There are various ways and means for discovering the peculiarities of the Bregenzerwald’s architectural and wooden culture – either under your own steam, or on a guided tour.More

Vorderwald “energy region”

The Vorderwald “Energy Region” has an ambitious vision: energy autonomy. A key component in its efforts is that people become more sensitive to energy issues and more aware both of their ...More

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